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The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Pittsburgh

MISSION     YNPN Pgh connects emerging leaders with resources, people and ideas to foster their development as nonprofit professionals.

VISION     Equip emerging nonprofit employees with the skills and resources to become tomorrow’s nonprofit professionals.


Founded in 2009, YNPN Pgh promotes an efficient, viable and inclusive nonprofit sector in the Pittsburgh region that supports the growth, learning, and development of young professionals. We are an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization led by our board of directors and various volunteer committees. 

We engage and support future nonprofit and community leaders through our Mentoring Program, networking and educational events, and by highlighting nonprofit resources. Join us as we build a strong and diverse nonprofit network.


Our mission also builds on the efforts of the national YNPN movement that has been in existence since 1997 to activate emerging leaders and help them acquire the skills and awareness they need to be effective changemakers. Together with thousands of leaders in more than 50 cities throughout the US and Canada, we're building a diverse and powerful social sector that can support and strengthen our communities, including Pittsburgh.




Thank you to our current sponsor Write Connections, LLC  

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Learn the sound planning skills needed to prepare yourself for the grant writing experience, how to identify and qualify grant funding opportunities, the basic structure of a grant proposal, and tips on how to approach grant writing and build a compelling proposal request. This full-day course is for individuals who are new to grant seeking and proposal writing for nonprofit organizations, or those who want to update their skills.