YNPN Pgh Mentoring Program

YNPN Pgh’s Mentoring Program connects emerging nonprofit professionals with experienced nonprofit professionals, helping to enrich and sustain our sector's expertise and leadership.

Finding your Yoda

It is important to note that Mentees are encouraged to seek mentorship from their YNPN PGH mentoring program, co-workers, YNPN PGH volunteers, and your own friends and family.  No one mentor should be your Yoda or suit all areas of your personal and professional development.  Having multiple unofficial and official mentors will provide you with a strong support system, a viable and strong network of contacts, and a more holistic perspective.  Why have just one Yoda to guide you when you can have a whole team?

Mentorship isn’t a Science

All Mentees and Mentors will have a different way of connecting.  Recognizing how you best interact with people, what you’re comfortable with, and what you wish to glean from a mentoring relationship will aid you in this program. Supporting this idea, that we all learn/connect differently, we have developed a new program to support an alternative engagement. As of January 2020, YNPN Pgh will add a micro-mentoring option (see below).


Traditional 6-Month Program

The program requires a 6-month commitment. At the first meeting, the pair will fill out a Mentor/Mentee Agreement detailing their shared goals for the experience. Each pair will have their own unique relationship. With this in mind, good mentoring relationships (be they personally or professionally focused) depend on reciprocal learning between Mentee and Mentor.  Together you form a partnership to work collaboratively on achieving mutually defined goals that focus on developing your skills, abilities, knowledge, and thinking.


*New* Micro-Mentoring Program (MMP)

This program supports those professionals who wish to meet regarding focused, targeted conversation. The program consists of three, 1-hour in length sessions at a location agreed by mentee and mentor. Below are some examples of topics/questions achievable in the MMP.

  • To gain advice and support for a learning a hard skill.
  • To ask targeted questions regarding a specific job/role (i.e. program/service, senior management, administration/finance, development/fundraising, communications, etc).
  • To gain insight into nonprofit focuses (i.e. museums, arts/culture, environmental, youth programs, etc).
  • To get an outside point-of-view on 2-3 specific questions.



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 Our Mentor - Mentee Pairs Report:mentoring.jpeg

"I was really impressed by how prepared my mentee was for each of our sessions. It felt great to offer her specific feedback on her career path and help her build her network through a few referrals." - Mentor

"My mentor and I have covered a lot of territory over the past few months. I feel more confident in my job and excited about where I'm headed with my career." - Mentee

Mentoring Resources

Are you ready to get started with a meaningful professional mentoring relationship? Check out these articles for tips on making the most of your experience, whether you're a mentor or a mentee!



Micro or Flash Mentoring:

What is your nonprofit mentoring story? Email us at mentoring@ynpnpgh.org!