I’m a local insurance representative, sharing my advice on how to make sure your organization is covered, before it’s too late! Here’s a quick checklist you should run through for your organization:

  1. Do you have adequate coverage on ALL of your facilities? Are your upgrades to your rented office covered?
    • Not having the correct coverage can cause penalties to claim payments or leave the organization in a bind to try and rebuild after a significant loss.
    • If your organization pays to upgrade an office space to fit your needs, you want to make sure that the organization’s investments are covered in your policies.
  2. Do you have Medical coverage for injuries?
    • This coverage is a “no-fault” coverage that allows persons to get medical treatment. For example, a volunteer slips in the kitchen preparing a meal and injures their knee.
  3. Do you have Workers’ Compensation coverage?
    • This covers any employee injured while working. Even if there are two employees, workers’ compensation is a necessary coverage. For example, the office administrator lifts a box and tweaks her back. If there is no workers’ compensation coverage, her medical and lost time would be paid by the organization. Also, there could be potential fines to your organization for not having this coverage.

Have a question about your organization’s needs? Contact Jamie Stokes jstokes@churchmutual.com.


Written January 18, 2021 by Jamie Stokes, Regional Representative for Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I.