ChloeMeet Chloe Brown, Former YNPN Pittsburgh Board Member & Greenhouse Gas Programs Analyst at Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

What’s your favorite thing about YNPN Pittsburgh?

My favorite part of YNPN is far and away the people in it. When I walked into my first event, I was still pretty new to Pittsburgh, and it was the first time I felt like I’d found a community that felt Goldilocks-right. I’m constantly impressed not only by the accomplishments of folks I’ve met through YNPN, but by their warmth, openness, and drive to help others. Whenever I went to an event, happy hour, or panel, I always knew I’d leave having talked with someone interesting and feeling more connected to my city.

What’s your advice for young nonprofit professionals?

Be generous with each other. In the public sector, it often seems like everything is in short supply, and when you’re early in your career, it can feel like you have nothing of value to offer anyone else. We’re taught to think of networking in hierarchical terms, but there are real, lateral ways to help lift each other up. Edit a friend’s resume. Talk frankly about salaries and share stories of negotiating them. De-mystify the pivot table. Share links to that great article, free training, or graphic design resources that have helped you level up your own work. Help each other dream up and then take seriously the big transitions, moves, and changes you’ll have to navigate. This informal work has real value, you don’t need to have a fancy title to be able to give it.